An American Journey


Julian has a regular podcast about everything American with Michael Moran.  An American Journey is a half-an-hour, bi-weekly podcast which typically features discussions on places to visit in the US, an American cultural feature, and something from the US news.


The places covered so far are:

North Dakota                 Chattanooga

Miami/Florida Keys       Nashville

LA                                   Chicago 

Las Vegas                       Philadelphia    

New York City                Yellowstone

Planning a trip across the USA

The cultural topics are:

Trains vs Cars.                 Drive-in Movies

The High School Prom.          American TV

Driving at 15 but no alcohol until 21

Soccer                   Baseball             

Drug advertising

Are Americans less reserved than

    Brits in the office? 

Classic American Motels. 

The news items covered are:

Demasking in the USA 

Trillion Dollar Budgets

Meghan and Harry


A Bungled Election

Episodes 7- 15 include a series on education - discussing topics like high school icons, sports and music in US education, discipline and school shootings.


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