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High, Wide, & Handsome

British-born US resident, Julian Bishop, is at an inflexion point.  His children have left home, and he and his wife must decide what to do next.  They travel across America and reflect upon whether they truly want to be American.

High, Wide, and Handsome is an witty travel book that explores American culture.  It investigates why the USA has been so successful since independence and also identifies the issues it still needs to address. In a world where America’s political leaders are widely ridiculed, the book acts as an antidote to the narrative that everything American is broken.

The book is proving to be very popular among:

- US immigrants trying to understand their new world

- Travelers to the USA wanting to understand America better

- Americans curious to understand how others see them and     how their culture was developed

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I am asked two common questions. Can I read an excerpt? And why is there a buffalo on the front cover? This excerpt should answer both questions.

   "We planned to spend most of the day in Theodore Roosevelt’s National Park. It is divided into two main units seventy miles apart: North and South. Confusingly, even though they are at the same longitude, they are in different time zones. By longitude, most of North Dakota should logically be in Mountain Time. However, in the late nineteenth century, the railroads lobbied North Dakota to make their timetables less confusing to their customers. Accordingly, the part of the state that they operated in was decreed to be in Central Time Zone, and the other areas in which they did not have tracks would remain in Mountain Time. Twelve other US states are also in more than one time zone.

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