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Reader in the US

American Culture Explained

"This book was hard to put down - I could easily read about 100 pages each sitting. The book was not only entertaining but also provided so much background on why Americans are the way we are. I particularly enjoyed Julian's descriptive writing style, especially about living near the water. Are We There Yet? I hope not - looking forward to Book 3 of Julian's Journeys."

Reader in the US

A witty travel narrative that paints a vibrant picture of the USA's past, present, and future.

"A thought-provoking exploration of American culture and its future, starting with the author's own journey as a new American citizen. The book serves as a travel narrative, diving into the cultural richness of America, offering diverse insights beyond the stereotypical image of the country. Bishop's writing style, reminiscent of his debut book, "High, Wide, and Handsome," engages readers with its digressions into various topics, including two chapters on Italy and its contribution to modern American culture. The author skillfully weaves personal experiences with a comprehensive examination of American culture, covering topics such as pardoning turkeys, living in a van, and the intricacies of American sports. The book aims to provide a nuanced understanding of the United States, dispelling stereotypes and offering fresh perspectives to readers, both American and international. Meticulously researched, delightfully witty!"

Reader in the US

"I am so pleased he has written another book! I loved the first one and this one is another, even deeper, dive into US culture and history. I'm a Brit in the US and this book has answered questions I had asked myself already and questions I didn't even know I needed answered. Highly recommend!"

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